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Graphic Design infused with Pride.

ZigSwift has been a labor of Love.
The name was inspired by Mr. Zig Ziglar,
the spiritual mentor who Inspired me
to believe in myself and to develop my life’s potential.

It was born from the desire to gain my independence;
to set my own path financially;
to gain freedom in the decision as to how I would spend my time;
to give myself the opportunity to serve many enterprises,
rather than to just one particular employer.
In short, I saw it as a resource to build anew the foundation of my legacy.

The journey started in Milwaukee, Wisconsins at a restaurant called Genesis.
The road which ensued as a result of the decision to become an entrepreneur,
has been full of experiences which reshaped me as a father,
husband, friend, and as a business owner.
The good things have been very enjoyable; the not so good things,
those which have been excruciatingly challenging, have been transforming.

Altogether, the entire journey has served as the University
which has earned me my PhD; meaning my Positive Human Development.

All and all, I would not trade the lessons this path has taught me for a single thing;
for it has allowed me to arrive at a new station in my business and personal life;
and for growing along the way, I am and will remain eternally grateful.

About the experience.

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Graphic Design infused with Pride.

About the future.

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Graphic Design infused with Pride.

Dear guest:

Our experience has taught us that scaling, though it is financially attractive,
does not necessarily mean the best experience neither for customers, nor for us.

The future for us is about working only with a select group of people internally,
as well as to work only with a really carefully selected group of ideal clients.

Who is the ideal client for us?

The business owner who is aligned with us on our main core values:
Integrity, Commitment, Excellence.

By choice, we are electing to redirect all our efforts to grow with a tight knit group of owners;
the few who are able to communicate with us respectfully, who don’t mind us being profitable, and who appreciate our contribution to the point of referring other like minded customers to us.

All of the above of course, we must earn by the immediate and consistent impact we must make to our ideal clients’ businesses; both financially and culturally.

Are you an ideal client? If so, we should get together.

In one brief visit, we will be able to determine whether we would be ideal for one another.

It is worth noting that the products and services we offer might be in essence,
similar products and services offered by other companies.

The difference will be the amount of time and focus we will be able to give to your business.
It begs to reason that if we are only servicing five to seven clients at any given time, that we would be able to dedicate more of our attention to these select clients; something that larger companies are not and will not ever be able to do.

There is so much more to share and accomplish together.

So, let’s begin with your brand in mind,

Kind regards,

Juan Teran
Integrity, Commitment, Excellence.

Adding Value.

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Graphic Design infused with Pride.

We are an ethical team
extremely focused on making sure our customers feel
how much we care about guarding the trust placed on our expertise.

By definition, we are marketers. We are creative.
We like to tell our customers stories; that one thing which makes them unique.

Why the need to tell “your story”?

Because we believe that if it is told and shown transparently,
your ideal customers will engage; and as long as what we present to them is real,
we know they will stay; return if they leave, and/or refer you to others.

To this end, all our contributions.

And now that you have reviewed this information,
would you consider visiting with us over a video conference
to see if there’s a fit to work together?

If so, please allow us to contact you to schedule a visit.
Simply share with few dates and times that would work for you,
and we will make it a point to follow up.

Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to meeting you in person.


ZigSwift Team™
P.S. In full disclosure, every link below directs you to the list of what we can do for you.

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