A Beginner’s Guide to Google Ads

beginners guide to google ads

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Due to the rapid expansion in technology and the era of digital transformation, the way we do business is constantly shifting and is becoming much more complicated than ever.

Entrepreneurs are pressured to keep up with the pace of this transformation to ensure you’re not left behind. 

Studies show that a small percentage of entrepreneurs know how to increase their business visibility and maximize their brand awareness online.

This article will explain how to increase your brand awareness and maximize your business visibility by using google ads.

The Sole Reason to use Google Ads

There are a variety of tactics available in the marketing and paid ads world. It’s not only frustrating trying to figure out which one is best for your particular business but also to figure out the best strategy on a specific platform.

Google ads are much more reliable, easier to understand, and are cheaper than your average offline advertising.

How Google Ads Work

To simplify, Google ads are posted everywhere on relevant websites. When consumers search for products and services related to your keywords, your ads are shown to them by taking into account geographical and other related factors.

Ads show up in the sidebar of a website you’re visiting, in your social media scroll, on YouTube videos, and at the top of your Gmail inbox.

How To Set Up Your Google Ads Account

It’s quite simple to set up a Google Ads account. Create an email on google and then follow the instructions on ads.google.com. Within minutes, you can create and set up your ads account according to your needs.

Setting Up an Ad Group and Writing New Ads

It’s not always wise to do everything all at once—do one thing at a time—you might end up doing the wrong setup of google ads, which will cost you your money and time. 

Pay attention to the analytics and make minor tweaks along the way. 

Setting up your first ad group requires patience, as one has to go through all the details of how many ads you will manage under this ad group. 

The next process is to write quality google ads that sell.

Benefits of Using Google Ads

  • Google ads are faster than word of mouth and faster than organic SEO strategies.
  • Google ads help the business by increasing brand visibility and awareness among people.
  • Google ads allow you to reconnect with, and remarket to, all of the people who have visited your website and purchased your products in the past.
  • Google ads help in managing your performance constantly.
  • Google ads users obtain more data about their business. You can get information like how long a visitor stayed on your page, how much time they spent on the page, and why they bounce back.
  • The main benefit of using Google ads is that you can pass up your competition by reaching your ideal clients faster.

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