Boosting Sales with Advertising at a Local Level

boosting sales with advertising at a local level

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Advertising is the part of marketing that consists of paid public announcements to promote a brand. 

Marketing is a system that includes planning, implementation, and control of a different host of activities geared towards bringing businesses and customers together for the sake of mutually beneficial trade.

Marketing covers advertising and market research, public relations, media planning, community work, customer service, and sales strategies. 

All these activities work independently but at the same time are part of a coordinated effort for sustainability and necessarily inform each other to be successful.

Local marketing is also known as local store marketing, community marketing, and neighborhood marketing, which are appropriate terms for marketing businesses that are no further than a short drive away.

Local marketing includes organizing in-town events, little-league teams, local clubs, homeowner organization sponsorship, and ads in local radio stations and newspapers. 

These efforts attract new customers, sustain repeat business, and create a presence in your community.

Typically, local marketing centers within a 10-mile radius. People have a mental map of their neighborhood and like to eat close to their homes and do their shopping nearby. 

Of course, your local restaurant should also market to all diners throughout the metro area and in surrounding counties.

 Digital Platforms

Social media plays an essential role in marketing your business. 

People spend more time on Facebook than watching television and turning to the internet when searching for a service or product.

Keep this in mind when creating your marketing budget for the year. It may be more beneficial to spend more on Facebook Ads and Google Ad Words than on a television commercial.

Your internet presence needs to mention the products you sell, the services you provide, and any specials you have throughout the year. 

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, highly visible, and easy to navigate. Google ranks local business websites based on user experience. 

Having the best website will put your business on top of search results.

Customers expect your site to load quickly and look professional. 

All of your paid ads and social media posts need to send your local customers to landing pages where they can place an order.

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