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In the marketing world, the world where I have made my living for the last 34 years and counting, there seems to be a lot of consultants nowadays, offering their teachings to business owners. 

Here is a little golden nugget to ask the next guru who tries to sell you marketing services. Ask the consultants this. 

  1. How long did you work for someone like me, in an industry like mine? 
  2. How long have you been in business? 
  3. Who taught you all that you know? 
  4. Sales management? 
  5. Finance Management? 
  6. Inventory Management? 
  7. Service Initiatives? 
  8. Business Development techniques? 
  9. Who organized your business at the very beginning? 
  10. Who taught you about campaign segmentation? 
  11. Who taught you where to outsource your services? 
  12. How can I verify your personal success before you started your business? 
  13. What is your rate of growth? 
  14. What are your own metrics on Google Analytics? 
  15. How many of the services you are selling do you utilize yourself to grow your company? 
  16. Who acquired most if not all of your clients? 

When you get the answers to the “who’ questions, hire their teachers! 🙂

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