Marketing is the invisible thread that connects us in service to humanity. Working with ZigSwift is more than SEO, Google Ads, website design, and marketing.

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, which is why we’ve committed to increasing opportunities and building equity for thought leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide who play an integral role in helping others thrive.

With the right resources, direction, and a strong support team, our leaders can build a scalable and sustainable business that will change and empower an entire community.

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When you partner with ZigSwift for brand management, website design, paid ads, social media management, SEO, reputation management, and email marketing, you’ll receive a lot more than an analysis report and an invoice each month. 

You have access to our experienced, efficient, fun-loving, and results-driven team. We believe in clear communication, transparency, and most importantly results.

You are your business’s greatest asset; ZigSwift’s greatest assets are its people. We pledge to help you build your legacy and leave the world a better place for your great-grandchildren.


We put our values of integrity, commitment, and respect above profits and growth. With a policy of 0% excuses and 100% accountability, we deliver what we promise and take ownership of big and small things.

We commit to your success through marketing and branding strategies designed for your needs. We respect genuine relationships, which is why we give our full attention to each client project and treat it as a unique possibility full of potential.

Marketing is a powerful storytelling tool. From the farmer living in a shack in central Nicaragua to the store owner in middle America to the New York banker who spends his days in meetings worldwide, everyone has a story to tell. We proudly share our stories with the world. We invite you to let us share yours.

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Since 2012, ZigSwift has built multi-million dollar companies. Case in point, we have supported the business growth of CF Search Marketing to the national level and Autogrowl to a contender in the Midwest. ZigSwift has put the ING into Marketing companies! We combine strategy with humility and dig deep to understand you and your message to align your brand with those who need it most. No matter how large or small your company is we’re excited to work together as a team to help you build the company of your dreams.


Thank you for your trust!