Humility of Christ

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It’s Christmas. 
Do you believe it? 
In the blink of an eye,
2021 is coming to its end. 
This year has taught us exceptionally who we are
as a productive member of society.
We have endured.
We have persevered.
We have stood firm on our principles,
our values, and our beliefs.
We have sought new knowledge,
and as we acquired it,
we continued to remind ourselves
we will never have the arrogance
to call ourselves experts,
for we know,
we are and will always be
life long students of our craft.
In step with continuous learning,
we have taken a deep dive
into our internal processes
and operating methods.
And to no surprise at all,
we continue to discover
so many opportunities to improve who we are and how to best serve the world.
By remaining open-minded
to constructive criticism.
(We are hardest critics),
we have taken long strides
towards the achievement of our goals.
In 2021, we had also to say goodbye
to business relationships
that were not symbiotic.
In this one single decision,
by staying true to who we are,
by not compromising our values,
we have grown tremendously.
In the past, we partnered with business owners who were out of alignment with our mission
and our vision of the world.
In 2021, we made a decisive decision.
We will serve our clients with humility, always,
but for as long as we exist,
Moving forward
We will partner only with clients
who understand the power,
of Christ-like humility,
of being truthful (integrity),
of being grateful,
of mutual respect.
Since 2012, we have learned.
From every client interaction.
For this reason,
to each client, we have served,
thank you.
2021 has been a year
dedicated to intensifying our clarity of purpose.
To the business owners who in 2021
offered us the gift of their “best values,”
your trust, your confidence, your belief in us,
our deepest gratitude.
To All mighty God,
Thank you for the gift of life,
And for the opportunity to serve You
through every client we meet.
Thanks to what’s instilled in us
and for clearly leading us into 2022.
The year of continued growth.
To everyone committed to our journey,
from our family to yours,
Merry Christmas.

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Humility of Christ

It’s Christmas. Do you believe it? In the blink of an eye,2021 is coming to its end.  This year has taught us exceptionally who we areas a productive

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