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Our Story

ZigSwift’s story is one of dots connected and paths crossed. Of threads intertwined to form a stronger bond. From Nicaragua, to the United States and back again, our personal and professional journeys have brought us together and taken us to places we never imagined. Most importantly, though, our paths have always led us home.

While different enough to bring unique perspectives and complement each other, the people behind ZigSwift share common beliefs, values, and experiences that allow us to reach for new heights and support each other in all we do. More than a company, ZigSwift is a tight-knit group of entrepreneurs with a common cause.

Market With A Purpose

One thing has been clear from the start: ZigSwift is not a marketing agency. While that might seem strange for a company that specializes in marketing, for us it’s always been about helping others. Though most of our clients sought us out for our marketing services, what they found was a unique group of people that were there to help them in all aspects of their life, whether that help be personal, professional, or spiritual.

At ZigSwift, as it is for our clients, marketing has always been just a tool. A honed instrument to be used in service of our clients and fellow man. It has never been about fees collected, money made, or the size of our portfolio. Our purpose is helping families live their dreams, contributing to local economies in the US and around the world, finding meaning in what is often mistaken as the mundane.

Change: Necessary, Powerful, Painful

Not all change is easy, as Juan has learned for himself along the way. After finding success in the automotive industry, Juan fell into the trap of focusing on his bottom line above all else. And the things in his life he should have been caring for; his family, his health, his friendships, suffered for it.

After examining the mistakes he made in his professional and personal life, Juan made an important decision that would change his life and those of the rest of us at ZigSwift. He decided that in his future endeavors, profit would never take precedence over doing the right thing, and that any business he worked with would be focused on helping people, not just their margins.

The people at ZigSwift share his philosophy. We believe in the power of coincidence, that chance meetings are more than that. That every meeting, every endeavor is a chance to help others and ourselves. We have experienced the transformative power of dedicating ourselves to serving others, knowing the result is that we will benefit in turn.

Connected Dots

Like stars in a constellation, each member of ZigSwift is just that, a single point in the dark sky. It is not until the dots are connected that the map takes shape, that it’s possible to see the whole picture. Our identity is based on shared experiences, on a common direction, on our faith in our fellow man.

Each of us has a story to tell. You have a story to tell. And that’s the business we are in. Marketing can be a powerful tool, but we use it in service of those with a story to tell, not just money to make. From the farmer living in a shack in central Nicaragua, to the store owner in the Midwest of the USA, to the New York banker who spends his days in meetings around the world, everyone has a story to tell. We share ours freely with the world. We invite you to let us share yours.

Business Before Pleasure

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ZigSwift has had the honor of walking alongside companies as they grew from start-up to nationwide brands like CF Search Marketing and Autogrowl.
No matter how large or small your company, we’re excited to work together as a team to help you build the company of your dreams.

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