Personalizing your brand with Social Media Marketing


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Social media is inseparable from marketing. Even when you post a photo of a birthday party, you are technically marketing a lifestyle brand. 

The fact that social media marketing platforms are in the hands of every publisher out there is what makes chasing trends so vital to being productive when you send a message out.

Trends are your friends; they give you that extra edge when developing your social media marketing plans and strategies. They turn agencies and social manager services into industry leaders and local heroes.

Personalization & Micro-Influence

Forget about those global social media influencers that have larger audiences than national TV shows. Local businesses have discovered a more feasible and targeted alternative: micro-influencers.

These are your neighbors who fit the exact marketing niche you need instead of the big-ticket everything to everyone influencer of yesteryear. These are the people in your town who buy your products, ‘like’ your social media posts, and have the personal behaviors your business needs to grow in your local market.

Gone are the days of massive homogenized marketing techniques where impersonal options were the only products available. Nowadays, it’s the other way around. You can target your ideal client—the person you can help the most.

It may seem like the internet knows too much about you when you see how tailored marketing can be. However, it’s the perfect way to get your products and services noticed by those who need them most.

Social Listening for Clues

It’s more critical than ever right now to generate leads on social media channels and social selling. Listening close at the local level is where a good portion of the data is.

Digital Marketers use keyword research to discover what words people use on local search queries when looking for a specific business, service, or product. What brands do people near you talk about on social media? What words does your audience use when talking about specific items in your industry? Pay attention. They don’t know the industry language.

Be sure to incorporate good customer service on all of your social media channels. Reply to comments and private messages. Make a list of questions that people ask and create products and services to solve their problems—turn your audience into paying customers.

Video is Taking Over

This magical form of content’s success is your best bet in advertising. Case in point, Tik Tok has 1.1 billion users in just five short years. Everyone is live streaming on every platform now. Instagram Reels and IGTV are popular video marketing techniques that everyone loves.

Live video streaming generates email leads and customer engagement. You can quickly let your audience know when you have new products and services available. It’s an excellent way for your worldwide audience to get to know you better, and it’s also fun for your local presence. You’ll become a celebrity in your hometown.

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