Things You Should Know About PPC Agency Services

things you should know about ppc services

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At ZigSwift, we pride ourselves in knowing that service is about more than just money, and we enjoy sharing the wisdom that we’ve picked up along the way, whether it be the latest market research or tips on getting the most from your marketing investments.

Shining Light on PPC Agency Pitfalls to Save You Time and Money

You may ask your PPC contact a simple question only to have the answer convoluted with an unattainable glossary that only a gifted aerospace engineer who has attained nirvana will understand.

This is a red flag so be sure to dig deeper. 

Keep asking questions of your PPC manager until you get honest answers that you can understand. The last thing a PPC manager wants to do is to explain your PPC strategy (especially when it’s not working) and how they’re spending your money.

Here are some questions that your PPC agency should be more than happy to answer:

  • What is a conversion?
  • How many are you getting?
  • How much do you pay for a conversion?
  • What is your conversion rate?

Your PPC agency should be thoroughly interested in you and your company. It should also have a structured approach to getting to know you well enough to deliver a highly personalized and profitable campaign. They should build a keyword list based on your brand, business, and ideal clients.

You deserve an agency that will make the most out of what you pay them, getting you customers that convert, repeat business, and generate word-of-mouth clientele.

The PPC professional who doesn’t show any interest in knowing how your business works, who your customers are, your benchmarks, and what your long-term goals are shouldn’t be advertising for you.

Reports Need to Reflect Reality

The Google Ads agency you hire needs to send regular reports that connect directly to what you experience every day. There are agencies out there that will plop anything on a document to keep you happy and make it look like they got everything down.

Here are some questions that your PPC agency should be more than happy to answer:

  • How many phone calls did you get?
  • How many emails did your website’s contact form generate?
  • How many customer leads are coming in?

Your PPC agency also needs to start by linking your Google Ads to your Analytics account, which allows you to view raw Google Ads data whenever it’s a good time for you.

Google Analytics will tell you if what they report to you is true (clicks, costs, cost-per-click, how many sessions there were, your page bounce rates, and how many pages were seen on each session).

There’s no good reason for any agency not to link your two accounts together or tell you how all those measurements impact your business.

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