Where were you on that fateful day?

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What did you feel when the towers fell?

Were you moved to tears?
Were you moved to anger?
Were you moved to indignation?

Did you pray to God
for his righteous justice
For his vengeance to fall upon
the souls of evil men?

Did you pray for comfort
for the people who lost loved ones?

Did you stand in awe of the men and women 
who went into falling concrete, 
fiery flames and melting steel 
to save lives?

Did you kneel
in gratitude
for those who answered the call to protect and serve?

Did you summon your strength to say… 

Let’s roll.  
United we stand.
We will not break.
We will not falter.
We will press on.
We will deliver on a simple promise.
We will never forget this!

So today,

In honor of those who perished then,
on our courage to rise up against doctrines
that threaten our way of life,
On our commitment
to keep the memory of mothers, fathers,
ot our brothers and sisters
who fell on September 11 
and ever since…

Today… always…

We Remember.

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