Welcome Fellow

QA series of questions

Have you thought about a name ?

LOC form ?

What CRM ?

Do you have NDA (non disclosure agreement) which is the base
you still will need to seek legal counseling

What social media platforms are you planning to position
yourself on.

Branding Questionnaire. Link to this question

Once answered the person will ungo some steps

We want to create a virtual consultant
to guide you through the process.
Thought process to create their own
business plan:

• Initial Investment
• Define a buyer persona
• Define a clear idea, are you servings hundreds, thousands

1. Do you Research.

2. Determine your Audience.

3. Have an Strong Mission.

4. Choose a Structure.

5. Map you Finances.

6. Understand your Tax Burden.

7. Undertand the Risk.

8. Put together a Business Plan.

9. Time it Right.

10. Look for a Mentor or Advisor.

11. Bring in the Professionals.

We can white label you here!
We want to educate you on this journey!
Do you know what White Label is?


Initial Investment

Such a precious commodity.


This is what digital marketing allows you to have.


Mobility… the flexibility to work anywhere from

a Laptop, tablet or even a phone.


Are you ready for a liberating experience?

Be Confident


Join the new generation of


who have discovered this new flexible,

adaptable and exciting new world.


Engage in your work remotely,

from the comfort of your home,

a café, or the beach of you so choose.

We are ready for strategic partnerships at any level.

Independent contractors.

White label • Transparentlabel • Referral agreements.

Join our movement!
And enjoy the benefits of mobility plus the opportunity of renewal income.

Act now! And get ready for what could virtually be a great learning and
earning opportunity.

Process to work with Whitel Label?from A to Z – Set a session to Review
and put together
Teach the person what is the process to be able to white label
Create an easy journey for the white label partners
How to put together a loc ? provide them with links
Resources to become an entrepreneur ?
How to build your one Company ?

NDA ? Non Disclosure Agreement

We can White Label your Busines

Starting a business can significantly impact your life and the
ones around you. But before you can run a business, you need to
learn how to start one. So let’s talk a moment about this topic
and share with you some ideas and processes that can help
along this journey.

Thinking about how to start a small or medium business can
seem like a challenging task if you have never done this before.
The good thing is that plenty of entrepreneurs have and you can
take advantage of the wisdom they gained from their successes
and failures.

Below find the top 10 steps you need to take in
order to get this project going:

  • Find a business idea (create a business name that will define who you are)
  • Choose a business name (something that will talk clearly about your product or service)
  • Write your business plan (this needs to be outlined very clearly)
  • Get your finances in order (what type of initial investment are you thinking about)
  • Develop your product or service
  • Pick a business structure
  • Research licenses and government regulations (get the right team to give you the right advice you need)
  • Select your tools (CRM, Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, define these clearly ahead of time)
  • Find a business location
  • Plan workload and team size
  • Launch your business
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